Cabinet fan

The cabinet fan is a high-efficiency, low-noise cabinet-type centrifugal fan. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, excellent performance, novel and compact structure, low vibration, light weight, and convenient installation and use. It is an ideal product for ventilation and smoke exhaust in hotels, restaurants, auditoriums, theaters, basements, factories and mining enterprises, office buildings and other places.
1. The cabinet-type fan is compact and beautiful. The air box body adopts a frame and a box board assembly design. The cabinet-type fan frame is stretched at one time by a domestic advanced cabinet-type fan metal cold-rolled forming unit. The box board is a composite plate structure with an inner layer. It is a sound-absorbing material to further reduce noise.
2. Cabinet fans provide different import and export directions to meet the different installation needs of users. Molded production is used, with high dimensional accuracy, and can be assembled after disassembly
3. The main components of the cabinet fan are digested and absorbed the products of American LAU Industrial Company, and all are produced in molds. It is a multi-wing strong forward curved blade impeller, which has high efficiency, low noise, large air volume, stable operation, and stable quality. , Durable and other characteristics. THFC cabinet fan volute adopts high-quality galvanized sheet, mechanized production.
4. Cabinet fans are divided into two types: A type and B type. The A type motor is installed outside the box for fire and smoke exhaust; the B type motor is installed inside the box for ventilation.