Structure of explosion-proof axial flow fan

Explosion-proof axial flow fans are a type of axial flow fans that are widely used in fire fighting systems. The structure of the explosion-proof axial flow fan is the same as that of the ordinary axial flow fan. The main difference is that the motor adopts an explosion-proof motor and some special explosion-proof technology for processing. The main materials used are carbon steel and stainless steel. In many engineering constructions, fire-fighting facilities are installed, such as explosion-proof axial fans, smoke exhaust and fire dampers and other products. Of course, these products must meet the relevant requirements of the regulations.
Here is a look at the quality requirements for smoke exhaust fire dampers in engineering construction.
The main control parameters of the explosion-proof axial flow fan are working temperature, air volume, total pressure, efficiency, noise, motor power, speed and shaft power.
It should be able to operate normally for a long time under the condition that the temperature of the medium is not higher than 85℃.
When the conveying medium temperature is 280℃, it can work continuously for 30 minutes, and it can continue to operate normally when the medium temperature is cooled to the ambient temperature.
These are the correct selection methods for fire and explosion-proof axial fans. We must make the correct selection according to the needs, as long as this is the way to get a better effect.
Explosion-proof axial flow fan structure: steel impeller (molded cylindrical hub), outer cylinder (spinning forming, flange and cylinder integrated), inner cylinder and guide vanes, high temperature motor, cooling air duct and cooling impeller, foot .
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1. Check whether the performance of the explosion-proof axial flow fan meets the nominal air pressure and air volume. Only when the performance meets the nominal performance can the pumping and supply air volume required by the actual system be reached.
2. It depends on the high efficiency of the explosion-proof axial flow fan, the high efficiency of the fan and the energy saving, the low efficiency of the fan, and the power consumption.
3. Check whether the vibration value of the bearing part is high or not, the fan bearing is easy to be damaged if the vibration value is high, but the vibration value is low and the bearing life is long.

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