Structural characteristics of stainless steel fan

Stainless steel fans are generally used for high-pressure forced ventilation in forging furnaces, glass, electroplating, ceramics, lithium batteries, radio and other industries, and can be widely used for material transportation in food, feed, mineral powder and other processing industries. It is also suitable for carton machinery and equipment. , Toughened glass equipment and other supporting use.

The structural features are as follows:

It is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet, motor, connector, cooling fan and other parts.

1. The impeller adopts a multi-wing single-entry centrifugal impeller, which is made of high-quality galvanized sheet or cold-rolled steel sheet. The blades are designed according to the principle of aerodynamics. The impeller is composed of 10 backward inclined airfoil blades, a curved front disc and a flat rear disc. The material is made of high-strength, good-durability and excellent steel plate, and has undergone strict dynamic and static balance correction. The air performance is good, the efficiency is high, and the operation is stable.

Second, the air inlet adopts a convergent streamlined vortex reduction form, with less air loss and high working efficiency of the high-temperature fan.

3. The high temperature fan case and the motor are installed and connected with metal castings. The heat dissipation fan blades are installed on the motor shaft head. The outer wall of the metal casting is provided with inlet and outlet pipe interfaces to cool the metal casting and shaft head to ensure that the motor is normal at high temperatures. run.

Fourth, the motor adopts a special high-temperature motor, and the fluid part of the high-temperature fan adopts temperature-resistant materials, and the cooling structure is reliable. Compared with other boiler induced draft fans, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and high cost performance. Small industrial fans have light structure, beautiful appearance, low noise and high static pressure. This product is suitable for supporting industrial machinery and equipment, small space extraction and exhaust, spray pressurization, thermal circulation system, high temperature air supply (more than 200 degrees, equipped with temperature resistant wind wheel), corrosion resistance, air conditioning purification equipment, etc. Can use stainless steel, PP, ordinary A3 spraying and other materials.


The conveyed medium is air and other non-spontaneous, harmless and non-corrosive gases. No viscous substances are allowed in the gas. Generally, the use temperature during ventilation should not exceed 80℃, and the dust and hard particles contained should not exceed ≤150mg/m3.

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