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Installation method of axial fanPosted by On 2021-03-30

The first type, the horizontal installation method of the axial flow fan:
The specific method is to fix the shock absorber at the installation position to the fan base through connecting bolts, adjust the level of each shock absorber with the center height adjustment pad, and fix the fan on the connecting steel plate that has been welded to the foundation with fixing bolts, such as The fan does not need a shock absorber due to anti-vibration and other reasons, just connect the screw holes on the fan base and the embedded bolts directly on the foundation.

The second type, the horizontal installation method of the side wall of the axial flow fan:
The basic requirements for the installation of axial fans are the same as those for horizontal installation, except that the mounting bracket is made of inclined arm support, and the bracket must have sufficient strength and rigidity. This type of installation is not suitable for fans above 10#.

The third type, the suspended installation method of the axial flow fan:
The specific method is to first connect the shock absorber and the fan with bolts, install the shock absorber symmetrically, and arrange them on both sides of the center of gravity of the fan, directly lift the fan and install it on the suspension bracket. The height of the suspension bracket depends on the actual space distance. Self-defined, fans above 16# generally do not use this type of installation.

The fourth, vertical installation method of axial flow fan:
The vertical installation method of the axial flow fan is the same as the horizontal installation, and the requirements for the strength and rigidity of the fan foundation are more stringent. The connection between the fan and the pipes at both ends must use flexible joints to isolate vibration and protect the fan.

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